Irish Classes


Aonad na Gaeilge is the Irish Language Unit at the University of Limerick. The Unit has a strong association with the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance and it provides Irish language classes as part of the Blas Summer School schedule every year. Language classes are offered at two levels, Absolute Beginners and Intermediate. Note that the Absolute Beginners programme is only available for those who register for two weeks. These language classes give participants a flavour of the language and look particularly at themes around applied Irish for musicians and dancers.




Absolute Beginners / Bunrang:

This level is aimed at those with no previous knowledge of Irish. It is not suitable for anyone who studied Irish at school. By the end of this short programme, participants will have dealt with basic greetings, be able to say a little about their background, and about their interest in music or dance, in particular. The main emphasis is on speaking and listening. Participants will be given lots of opportunities to practise their Irish in pair and group work.

Meánrang / Intermediate class:

This level will be suitable for those who did Irish at school. Beidh an leibhéal seo oiriúnach do dhaoine a dhein an Ghaeilge mar ábhar scoile. Díreofar ar an nGaeilge ghinearálta agus ar téamaí a bhaineann le saol an cheoltóra/rinceora ach go háirithe.

Students will be introduced to some specialist music terminology and the practical contexts of the music class, session, interview and radio will be engaged with. The communicative approach is used and students will get lots of opportunities to practise the language. Cuirfear an bhéim ar an gcumarsáid agus ar an spraoi.

By the end of this short programme students will have dealt with the following functions:

  • Presenting themselves as musicians and dancers;
  • Describing musical instruments;
  • Swapping tunes in an informal situation through Irish;
  • Presenting their own choice of music at a session, and
  • Profiling a musician/singer/dancer.

Note: Content covered will be similar to content covered in previous years. If there are not enough students to hold a meánrang class, we will do our best to cater for these students in the bunrang level.

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