Francis Roche Memorial Lecture

Wednesday 23rd June, 6pm

The 2021 Francis Roche Memorial Lecture will be delivered in association with the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention, with guest Prof. Sven Ahlbäck presenting “‘We hear what we know’ – On the power of concepts and how traditional fiddle music in contemporary society can benefit from folk music theory”. This lecture is free to the public.




2019 – Peter Browne: “Séamus Ennis – A Tall Genius (1919-1982)”
2018 – Dr. Orfhlaith Ní Bhriain and Mick McCabe: “From Jigs to Jacobites—Set Dances as a Historical Record”
2017 – Dr. Helen Lawlor: “Come Summer, Come Winter, from the Mouth of Harps”: The Irish Harp in Myth, Poetry and Music
2016 – Dr Ryan Molloy: “Traditional Contemporary Music – Conflicts of Influence”
2015 – Dermot McLaughlin: “A Soundscape of the Donegal Fiddle – a response to the challenges of defining a regional style”
2014 – Toner Quinn: “The Thin Green Line: In Writing About Irish Traditional Music”
2013 – Professor Breandán Ó Madagáin: “The Elemental function of music and magic in the Gaelic tradition of Ireland and Scotland”
2012 – Dr Mel Mercier: “Making Music Together: Father and Son Duets”
2011 – Dr Breandán de Gallaí: “Noċtú: Irish Dance Laid Bare”
2010 – Paul Brady: “From Holyrood to Hooba Dooba: My Life in Music”
2008 – Dr Matt Cranitch: “Learning and Teaching ‘Outside the Tradition”